ambiguous dusk

Sep 17

all in the game yo, all in the game

Sep 09

im thinking of using my tumblr again

just cause i need somewhere to whine about how fucked up things are getting in my life.

seriously its been a good 5 years since it was this bad holy shit.

Jan 02

Projectionist Blues

it is in the late night hours of voyeurism

like after late night reading, after gaming. movies. friends. television. porn. writing. stupid internet things

It sneaks in there like a sinister bacteria finessing it’s way into things like an innocent fucking wikipedia page. Or a cute image.

Sometimes I’m amazed at my own insolence. Knowing that people who are long gone, not the dead ones, but the living, are definitely not - 3, 4 hell, 5 years later still thinking about me. God knows I hope they are not. But here we are once again. It’s always this too isn’t it?

Looking back at all my old  ramblings on here and on my old blogs..It’s always like 4 AM on a goddamn Wednesday. That’s when I crack.

I get no pleasure from the things I wind up and let go of. I’m just a fucking lobbyist.

Often I dream of nondescript places where people from all the acts of my life, come in and out but never speaking, just cameos. It’s only when I wake up and realize those people don’t remember me, that I’m sad

I often think of McKenzie and Ryan and Landon and Becca and Sarah and Noah and all my friends from Georgia and Emma and the girl from the libary whose name is lost to me and Chase more recently. the last three years…I’ve done so much wishing I had done differently only to realize that I’m not sorry for anything and I did the best that I could in all those situations.

i must stop with my awful self indulgent rantings.

in my defense, at least i’m using tumblr for user created content and not just regurgitating 2011 memes from all corners of the internet like the rest of you motherfuckers happy goddamn new years. no but seriously i love all of you


Nov 03

i would like to set my clocks back like four hours or so and get that much extra sleep please thank you 

Oct 05



Vegas always does these crazy sprinting rituals at night where he bounces off his squishable and flies around the apartment several times.

All corgis do this! 

Aug 27


Aug 19
basil watching his show

basil watching his show

Aug 18
Aug 18
Aug 12


anon goes clubbing




anon goes clubbing